It all started when Pete's parents gave up everything they had to move him and his older brother as refugees of communist Hungary to Germany in the early 1980's. Long story short they ended up in LA for a bit then moved a few times living in places like Texas, Virginia, Florida, and Colorado.

As a teen, Pete started making crazy videos with friends using whatever cameras he could get his hands on. In college, he studied video editing and experimented in the ultra weird world of video-art creating self-portraits and "narrative" pieces. After college he transitioned into classic filmmaking and commercial production, working his way up the production ladder to become a director.

Pete found his initial calling by working with real people and getting that perfect sound byte out of them. Nowadays he's applying this innate ability to his passion for the dramatic, weird, and hilarious. His past as a seasoned editor comes in handy when chaos erupts on the set from a rewrite or sudden governmental overthrow by ultra-smart sentient squirrels.

Want him to direct, write, edit, or appear(if you dare) in your _______________ ?
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